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Introducing a quick and easy way to stop bad habits and start good ones.

  Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Like you would be able to enjoy life better if you weren’t: 

STUCK: Not accomplishing more with your life or stuck in the past. 

STRESSED so much you’ve forgotten how to relax. 

UNSURE where to start to implement good habits. 

Always RUNNING BEHIND with little time to work on yourself.   

Hypnosis is a quick way to change because it goes to the ROOT of the problem in your unconscious mind. But in addition to that, we need a way to implement positive changes as well, which is why I developed the Goal Getter program to work in conjunction with hypnosis. This program will help you understand the 4 MAJOR BLOCKS to positive change and how to discover and deal with them. 

My stress level used to be through the roof. Throw in some anger management issues as well. Now, they call me “Zen Ben” because I can remain calm in situations that used to set me off. Also, I have been able to once and for all deal with EMOTIONAL TRAUMA from my past.  Once I got rid of that junk with hypnosis, then I wanted a way to implement positive habits into my life. That’s why I developed the Goal Getter program. It is designed to help you understand the 4 MAJOR BLOCKS to change. Using a combination of hypnosis and Goal Getter I have accomplished the following: 

Released childhood trauma permanently 

Controlled my weight once and for all 

Daily Meditation Practice 

Improved my nutrition permanently

   It wasn’t always easy. I would start, then stop. And I wouldn’t know why I stopped. Goal Getter helps you discover what goals you are ready for now, and which ones need to wait. With the childhood trauma, it was hard to work on because I found it very difficult to talk about. Hypnosis Regression Sessions took care of that.

I believe ANYONE can do this, you just need a little help. I can provide that help. 


Were healthier and felt better 

Were free of emotional trauma 

Knew how to implement new habits and make them stick 

Felt like you were actually accomplishing things instead of just wishing for them   

When you are ready for the new you, contact us with your questions, what you want to work on, or sign up for a free consult. (See the Contact Us/Subscribe sections below). Once you are on our mailing list, we’ll send you free information including how a Hypnosis Regression Session can help you release emotional trauma and Goal Getter information about the 4 blocks to implementing new habits.    

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